The larger scope of the research in FAiR: migration policies in Europe and beyond

By Ana Maria Torres Chedraui and Bozhidar Ivanov, Erasmus University Rotterdam

While the main focus of research conducted in the FAiR project in Europe is on Poland, Switzerland, Italy and Germany. . In addition to these countries, the FAiR team will also extensively review policies in several other European states including Sweden, Austria, Romania, Czechia, The Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, UK, France, and Belgium. Those policy inventories encompass:

  1. Intergovernmental Return Frameworks: This includes agreements at both the EU and bilateral levels, where European states or the EU, along with origin or transit countries, agree to readmit their nationals or non-nationals who have passed through their territory on the way to Europe.
  2. Implementation Mechanisms: Examining agreements related to the execution and enforcement of intergovernmental return frameworks, both at the EU and bilateral levels.
  3. Alternatives to Return Policies: Analyzing policies that offer alternatives to return for irregular migrants when their return is not feasible.
  4. Monitoring Return Operations: Studying practices for monitoring voluntary and forced return operations to develop guidelines aimed at enhancing the protection of human rights during these procedures.

The FAiR project will consolidate the above information in policy inventories. Depending on the scope and focus, which varies from country to country, we aim to produce a database of inventories that can aid future policy development and provide recommendations.

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