Webinar: New perspectives on irregular migration in Europe

Irregular migration is an important feature of the political economy of migration and associated patterns of legal, social and economic inequality in Europe and elsewhere. While irregular migration is linked to broader drivers of migration, it is ultimately states’ legal and policy frameworks on migration that produce ‘migrant irregularity’ and associated legal precarity. It is the interaction of the irregular status of migrants with broader social and economic dynamics as well as regulatory frameworks in other areas that shape the concrete working and living conditions of migrants in an irregular situation and what it means to be in an irregular situation. This webinar will discuss different ways of how to think about ‘migrant irregularity’, how irregular migration is embedded and shaped by broader societal developments and how new research approaches help to foster a better understanding of the phenomenon and ultimately also provide new avenues for policy change and for improving irregular migrants’ conditions.

This webinar is organised as part of a new webinar series jointly organised by a group of Horizon Europe projects focusing on irregular migration in Europe.

With: Albert Kraler (University for Continuing Education Krems – MIrreM project), Tesselte de Lange (Radboud University – DignityFirm project), Martin Ruhs (European University Institute – PRIME project) and Nando Sigona (University of Birmingham, I-CLAIM project). Moderated by Michele Levoy (PICUM, MIrreM and DignityFirm).

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