Webinar: Reconsidering EU’s partnership and cooperation models on return and readmission – Webinar

3rd webinar from the webinar series organised jointly by the Horizon Europe projects on irregular migration and returns in Europe. The EU and its member states increasingly focus on the external dimension of their migration policies. Beside legal instruments and policy measures, they also develop various formats of partnerships, cooperation models and programs, including financial incentives and conditionalities for the cooperation with third countries on the management of migration, borders, and asylum. Return and readmission becomes the most critical pillar of the EU’s mobility partnership and other cooperation models.
– In this webinar, we critically elaborate on various models of return and readmission arrangements.
– What are the positive and negative lessons that can be drawn from EU cooperation models on return and readmission policies ?
– To what extent do the financial incentives or conditionalities work in cooperation with third countries on the management of borders, asylum and return?
– What are the implications of overemphasis on deterring ‘irregular migration’ and return over the credibility/legitimacy of the EU? What are the unintended consequences of return and readmission cooperations?
– What are the limits of migration diplomacy (migration deals) with non-democratic regimes, considering their human rights records towards their own citizens and migrants?

Participants – Zeynep Sahin Mencutek (Bonn International Centre for Conflict Studies, GAPs project) – Arjen Leerkes (Erasmus Rotterdam University, FAIR project) – Olga Jubany (University of Barcelona, MORE project) – Paul James Cardwell (Professor of Law, King’s College London) Moderated by Soner Barthoma (Uppsala University, GAPs project)

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